The Payment Assist API allows for programmatic integration of our lending service into your own software. This is typically during the checkout phase of your service/product purchase flow.

The Payment Assist API is now GA. To access your credentials: login to the dealer dashboard, click your username/email (top right) and click API Credentials.

Below is a high-level visualisation of the integration workflow:

Workflow explained

The API workflow outlined above can be augmented with a pre-approval process conducted entirely while the customer is on the client site by making a request to the ​ /preapproval ​ endpoint (see​ API Methods).




Capture some customer details within the client site UI. At a minimum this must be all required fields for the​ /begin​ endpoint (see ​API Methods)

2 (optional)

Obtain pre-approval for the customer by sending a subset of the required fields to the ​ /preapproval​ endpoint.


Send the customer details to the​ /begin​ endpoint to receive a continuation token and redirect URL.


Redirect the customer to the Payment Assist website to complete the payment and eSigning requirements.


Upon the customer returning to the client site, validation can be made in one of two ways: (1) by verifying the signature GET parameter appended to your success/failure URL, OR, (2) by making a new request to the /status endpoint passing the token received in stage 3.

6 (optional)

In order for the funds to be paid out, we also require the original customer invoice to be uploaded. This can be automated via the /invoice endpoint, or it can be completed manually via the dealer dashboard.